2013 Jetta Hybrid Anyone have to get a new Transmission put in yet?

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by Ant, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. Ant

    Ant New Member

    2013 Jetta Hybrid

    Anyone have to get a new Transmission put in yet?

    I bought my car with 32K miles used from a first owner. It is now just over 35K miles and the dealor said today VW will be giving me a new transmissison.

    Apparently the first owner had to get the mechatronics fixed very early on, "which i didnt know about" anyway atleast the fix is covered under warranty.
    Found a video of the repair and many others saying it breaks alot

    Is it all VWs MK6s or is this just a hybrid thing?

    Anyone experience something like this
  2. Ant

    Ant New Member

    By the way i got this code on my vcd before i brought to the dealor

    1 Fault Found:
    006011 - Clutch 1
    P177B - 003 - Tolerance Limit Reached - Intermittent
    Freeze Frame:
    Fault Status: 00100011
    Fault Priority: 0
    Fault Frequency: 18
    Reset counter: 3
    Mileage: 57201 km
    Time Indication: 0
    Date: 2015.08.27
    Time: 10:50:25
  3. DMcDonald

    DMcDonald Member

    I haven't heard about major problems with the tranny. I know some of them members here have had a complaint or two, but no complete failures. Glad it's getting fixed under warranty. I only have 28K miles, but no significant problems so far.
  4. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    That's crazy. There was a slew of issues overseas before they recalled for the mineral oil replacement
  5. prklouda

    prklouda New Member

    I began to have an issue with my 2013 Jetta Hybrid SEL at 22,000 miles in late July of 2015. When coming to a stop, I noticed that the gas engine kept starting and stopping. As I was braking under 5 mph, the car seemed to lurch forward. I took it in to my VW dealer. They called within one day and told me the mechatronic unit was faulty and would be replaced. Since they don't stock mechatronic units which retail for $1,500, it took 9 days for the repair which was quite complicated with a lot of disassembly and reassembly. Since they provided me with a new 2015 Passat as a loaner, I was fine with them having my Jetta for as long as it took to make the repair.

    When I picked up my Jetta Hybrid, I was amazed to get an invoice that was 3 pages long! Since the drive train was under warranty for 6 years, I paid nothing although the cost of the repair was over $2,500.

    I found a recall notification for Jetta Hybrids manufactured through December 2012. Mine was manufactured on December 14, 2012. When I asked the service adviser why I was not notified about the recall, he told me that recalls are based on VINs and the dates are only approximations. That seemed reasonable to me.

    Since getting my car back, I haven't had any problems. My long term mileage has been 43.1 mpg. I haven't taken any trips so all driving has been within 20 miles of my home.
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  6. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    I just got a notification that the transmission fluid now has to be changed every 40K miles. Before, it was lifetime. Wonder how much this is going to cost.
  7. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    Well that's a snag in cost of ownership.
  8. voltron

    voltron Administrator and Defender of the Universe Staff Member

    I'm surprised they made a recommendation. Most auto transmissions are roughly 60k fluid changes but VAG loves to just say "lifetime" even though fluid does break down, particulates do accumulate, etc. The DSG are the exception where they do recommend a fluid change.
  9. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    Have a copy of the letter? Was it from VW or the dealership? I can't imagine changing gear oil every 40K. That seems excessive.
  10. whyknot1

    whyknot1 Member

    i also got the same notice it can from VW not the dealer. i am looking into the cost
  11. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    If that's the case I wish we could have had a dq250 instead and given us the extra power the tuned out :)
  12. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    Me too. The dealer said they didn't even know about it and would have to determine the cost. They were concerned because the recall that required a fluid change was very involved and required powering down the hybrid system and rebooting. They provided me a loaner and kept my car overnight. This could be very costly for the owner. I think changing from a synthetic fluid to a petroleum based fluid may be the reason for this change. Do you think VW should have any responsibility for this?
  13. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    It's two fold...we purchased an unproven product. However, the dq200 is off the shelf technology and this isn't required anywhere else in world. Is this a study? I can't even find mention of this anywhere on the internet.

    Maybe this is a move to put liability on the owners? With the diesel fiasco I don't believe vw has any financial flexibility to extend any courtesy our way.

    I can't say I'm happy.
  14. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    Ownership of this car is more expensive because it does not get the stated mpg, and you have to change the transmission oil and spark plugs every 40K miles.
  15. whyknot1

    whyknot1 Member

    I called my local dealer where i bought my Hybrid. first they said that it never has to be changed that the only time was during the recall. I said that I had received a letter from VW stating that it had to be changed every 40,000 miles. The service writer said he would talk to one of the certified Hybrid specialist and he said in fact it should be changed but that it was a big job. i asked how much and they said they will get back to me. when they called back the service manager did some more checking and said that the fluid never has to be changed. I then called VW but after 15 minutes on hold I gave up
  16. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    I had the exact same experience. I gave a copy of my letter to the dealer. They promised to get back with me, but never have. I am thinking that since the recall changed the fluid from synthetic to petroleum based, it probably does need to be changed at some point.
  17. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    That's been my fear this whole time. The mineral oil requires additives to maintain its characteristics. Those additives break down and the mineral oil should require a change.

    Give me a dq250 ;p
  18. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    If you get a cost estimate for this please share. I'll do the same.

    I imagine that VW corporate is swamped right now with the diesel big problem.
  19. cdrussell

    cdrussell Member

    Does anyone know if the transmission fluid change requirement applies to all Jetta hybrid model years or only to the 2013 model? My 2014 was not part of the original recall and I never received a letter from VW about it.
  20. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    That is probably because it was shipped originally with the non-synthetic oil and was not subject to the recall.

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