2013 Jetta Hybrid Anyone have to get a new Transmission put in yet?

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by Ant, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. MaloneDan

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    We have had exactly the same issue on our 2013 Jetta Hybrid SEL, which we bought used with about 17k miles. My college age daughter told me about it first, and the first time I drove it myself I said, "We're taking this into the dealer. This could be dangerous if you were going any faster that several mph!" The dealer blew us off and said that's just how a dry clutch operates. Whenever you release the brake, even slightly, the car is programmed to assume you want to start accelerating and so it "releases the clutch" much in the same way a manual clutch is released. But it goes against everything I have felt in driving a car for over 40 years now.

    In August of 2016, with about 27k miles on the car, a large puddle of fluid formed under the car when it was parked at home. Taking it to the dealer to diagnose the origin of the leak, it turned out to be a front cover leak from the Mechatronics unit. I found it unusual that the service rep said the mechanic could not determine if the correct Mechatronics unit was delivered until it got here and he had a chance to inspect it on the car. I questioned why the dealer could not simply tell the VW parts warehouse the VIN on my vehicle and make sure they delivered the correct Mechatronics unit. He replied that this unit was different than most parts, and they could only know if it was the correct unit after it arrived and they inspected it. Very curious! However, the entire unit was replaced under warranty, thankfully ($2800 otherwise) so I thought it best not to complain too much about that.

    The first thing we noticed after the repair, while driving out of the dealer service center, was that the car seemed to have more "power" and also that the dashboard had an indicator of what gear the car was in -- D1, D2. D3 etc. That display had never functioned on our car up to that point (we never knew it wasn't working -- just thought VWs did not display the typical D, N, R gears like most cars). We also think the car is getting slightly better gas mileage now, too -- maybe 3 - 5 mpg.

    Would be interested in others experience on whether the Mechatronics unit is likely to continue to fail. If so, we need to get rid of this car ASAP!
  2. Bossless

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    I have 37K miles on my 2013 and had no apparent Mechatronics problem. I have noticed that my average milage has dropped to 38.5 as opposed to the 43 that I used to get.
  3. prklouda

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    Wow, that's a significant drop in mileage! Did you have your Jetta in for any reprogramming or other service? My 2013 mileage is holding steady around 43.5 since the Mechatronic unit was replaced. I have about 30,500 miles on the vehicle.
  4. Bossless

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    Just oil/filter change. It is due for spark plug replacement at 40K.
  5. AndyVW

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    This whole thread is a deja vu. Bought my '13 used in '15 with ~32,000 miles on it. Just over 1 year later (with 8,000 more miles) I took it in to take care of the mechatronic system and all of the lurching and non-e-mode driving that went along with its failure. A few months after that I started having what felt like a failure of the transmission to fully engage under high load situations like accelerating away from a stop or climbing into my driveway. The dealer told me that VW would be replacing the 3 year old transmission under warranty and shared the news as if he was telling me that VW agreed to top up my windshield washer fluid. Dealer claims to have only seen one other hybrid in the area and they just replaced the transmission in that too. I have been receiving plenty of grief about my decision to get another VW after my problems with an '86 Jetta, my wife's '92 Jetta, and my mother's '95 Jetta.

    Should I expect the same problems with the replacement mechatronic unit and transmission, or will these be "fixed"?
  6. Bossless

    Bossless Member

    I can't say because at 37K miles I have not had your experience, even though I have had a 4.5 mpg drop in gas milage. I do know that because this car has tremendous torque capability that it is design limited to protect the transmission. Even then, it is capable of spinning the tires on dry pavement on takeoff.
  7. fadi

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    2013 Jetta Hybrid

    Anyone have to get a new Transmission put in yet?

    I bought my car with 32K miles used from a first owner. It is now just over 35K miles and the dealor said today VW will be giving me a new transmissison.

    Apparently the first owner had to get the mechatronics fixed very early on, "which i didnt know about" anyway atleast the fix is covered under warranty.
    Found a video of the repair and many others saying it breaks alot

    That sounds like my story. Purchased my Hybrid with 40k km and 10months later with 48k km the tranny failed. I brought it in to VW and they told me the previous owner had the mechatronics already replaced they are replacing the tranny.
    signed up to this forum just to chime in...

  8. Chris Kloiber

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    I just bought a CPO 2013 Jetta Hybrid SEL two days ago with ~52000 miles on it (2yr/24000 CPO warranty + additional 2 yr/48000 mile purchased warranty). I had no idea there were issues with it (the CarFax report was clean).

    I came here to research my new "flashing wrench". So far the car drives very well, the engine seems to start/stop at appropriate times, and the E-Mode works (when all of its pre-requisites are met). I have not had it long enough to get firm mileage numbers, but if you believe the MFI Consumption (mode 1) guage, I get 47 on the highway, but only 33 on my commute to work (stop-go).

    I'm bringing the car back in for service today. Wish me luck.

    *** UPDATE 10/20/2016: They told me at first that they would be changing the Mechatronics (sp?) fluid, and that it would take 3-4 hours. When it was done, they told me it wasn't that bad. No fluid had been changed, but they did do software updates (and cleared the codes) and that seemed to fix it. (why am I not convinced this is the last time I will see the wrench?)
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  9. fadi

    fadi New Member

    I had the flashing wrench but the car wouldnt move in D or R. Tranny replaced, but they had already done the mechatronics unit for the previous owner. since getting the car back the new tranny seems to be running great, E mode seems to work a bit better as well somehow? anyway i doubt i will keep this car beyond the warranty. goodluck!
  10. Keeppuffin

    Keeppuffin New Member

    Hi all. Mine is 2013 Hybrid SE, I am the original owner. For the first 71 K car has been a champ: no issues, 43 MPG during the summer and around 38 during winter with some snow tires on and heat blasting ( I live in NortEast). Car is serviced at the dealer exclusively, including 40K transmission service.
    However, about 2 weeks ago car has been hesitant at the start up and yellow "Hybrid system check" would flash.
    Took it to a dealer only to find out I need a new clutch ( $2500). 5 days later got a phone call from them saying that they put new clutch in and tranny isn't accepting it, so VW is going to replace a tranny for free, and since clutch is a part of a tranny, no cost to me at all. ( Phew!).
    I will post when I get my car back, mean while I'm driving around 2016 Passat loaner.
    Good business on VW part I have to say.
  11. StuartQF

    StuartQF New Member

    So last Tuesday night, I went to do an oil change and noticed oil on the transmission side of the splash guard... took it off and noticed some fresh fluid seeping from between the mechatronics module and the transmission.. The next day I got roadside assistance to tow it to my dealer.. they confirmed there was a leak.. I hadn't noticed any difference in driveability, miraculously.

    I got the call today that the car needs a new transmission... another week or so and I should have it back again.. Definitely not keeping this car once my warranty is gone!
  12. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith New Member

    Same thing happened to my 2013 Jetta Hybrid at 49,000 Miles. They did replace the Megatronics Unit under warranty. So far so good. It's a "Dry Clutch" 7 Speed DSG system which is not the same as the
    6 Speed Wet Clutch DSG which is shown in the video of the Original Poster. The Dry clutch system is actually more like a Manual transmission than the Wet Clutch DSG. The Dry Clutch also only holds
    about 1.3 Liters of fluid vs the Wet Clutch which holds over 6 liters. I just hope this Megatronics unit failing messed up the transmission itself.
  13. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith New Member

    How much did they charge you for the transmission service? Since it's a dry clutch system there is only 1.3 Liters of fluid needed and should cost very much to replace. The regular Wet Clutch system of the 6 speed DSG cars
    is a different story. Actually, I was told at my 40k service that I do not need transmission service because it is a lifetime fill. Other dealers wanted to charge me over 900 dollar for the 40k service which $345 of that was for the
    replacement of the DSG fluid which they quotted just like the other Wet Clutch DSGs. I would say 345 Dollars for a little over a liter of fluid is excessive ;-) I guess some dealers just don't know much about the Hybrid system and or
  14. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    It requires changing per the recall and updated owners manual. Since mineral oil is now being used instead of synthetic, the additives will break down causing a change in viscosity over time. It's basically just gear oil. It doesn't get near the clutch at all. I was charged $150 total at Priority VW in Virginia. It's noted in my record for future maintenance too.
  15. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith New Member

    Okay, thank you! That is good to know. $150 is a fair price for an labor and 1 1/2 bottles of fluid. I wonder if it's something easy to do myself. Since we moved to this condo our Home Association doesn't allow hardly anything. I do still change my own oil but that is about it. I have a Brand New Branch of Tom Wood Volkswagen literally across the street from me. But guess what they don't work on Hybrids. I have to travel 15 Miles to their other location in order to get my Hybrid serviced.
  16. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    I've read that you want to be very precise with the filing of a DQ200. I would leave the liability on VW to keep things simple in case of trouble. You don't need any specific training to work on a hybrid, they just don't want to. It's the same 1.4L that they use in the S model. Additionally, they have access to VW engineers if it's specific to the hybrid drivetrain.

    The $150 was based on negotiation. They quoted me a normal DSG service for a DQ250, at first. I requested verification of the labor rate and they couldn't produce. Then I added that it was only 2 bottles of fluid vs 6. The service manager asked what I thought was fair and based on my understanding I said it was just a few bolts so it shouldn't be more than an hour total. However, I wouldn't mind paying $150 total, including, parts. I asked if he thought that was unreasonable and asked that he verify that with the mechanic because I wanted to be fair.

    Outside of fluid, it requires a specific gasket they'll have to order. It's a cinch with the right tools.

    Edit: the parts guy said a special tool was purchased but I didn't verify. He's pretty goofy and confusing though. Not sure I believe him
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  17. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith New Member

    I guess everything is negotiable. If you don't try than you never know. Since my Mechatronics Unit was just replaced I figure they had to change the fluid as well. The dealership across the street told me that they didn't have a
    certified Hybrid Mechanic since it the Hybrid system needs to be discharged before working on the transmission. Not to change the fluid I am sure but to swap out the Mechatronics unit. Anyway, I had to take it to their Main
    dealership for service. I think the fluid is good for 40k miles and I think I will trade her in before the next major repair.
  18. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    I guess that seems plausible. Mine is still in the shop going on two weeks. They were supposed to get assistance from VW engineers direct. Now they said they need to speak with the GM. I'm wondering what would require getting him involved. They said VW engineers will only direct them and they have no clue what they look at or how they derive their diagnosis. It just sits connected to their computer directly.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll make an offer to get me into something else? They said they had absolutely zero idea what was going on with it.

    They won't give it back to me because I've complained many times in the last few months that the engine will stall out, including a slight shudder, leaving me stuck in the middle of the road. It seems to only happen when turning left though, Lol. I freak out and luckily the hybrid system still works and I crawl out of harm's way. Anyways, huge legal dilemma there if anything were to happen. I guess I'll wait and see.

    I really do like the car though. I'd rather keep it
  19. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith New Member

    Something very close to that was happening to me. It shuddered starting out and seemed like it wanted to stall but it never quite did. I took it in and they replaced the Crankshaft positioning sensor and
    low and behold the shudder was gone. You might want to ask them if they tried replacing it?
  20. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    glad I mentioned! I'll bring that up with them

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