2014 VW Golf hybrid official, rated at 188 mpg?

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    There's been 2 generations of VW Golf hybrid prototypes so far but it's finally going into production for the mk7 Generation. The VW Golf hybrid will be on sale for the 2014 model year. It'll share the same basic chassis and powertrain as the Audi A3 hybrid.

    The engine will be a 148 hp, 1.4L gas engine and a 100 hp electric motor. Fuel economy is projected to be 188 mpg on Euro cycle/UK gallons which means more city and smaller gallons. As a total guess, the US mpg rating would probably be around high 80-90 mpg-e BUT I assume this includes a lot of driving in electric only mode. The electric only range is 31 miles but I don't know the top speed or other limitations for electric only mode. This makes the car closer to the Chevy Volt style hybrid than the Jetta hybrid (1.3 miles electric only) or Prius hybrid (no electric only range on standard model).

    How did I arrive at a guess of 80 mpg-e? For comparison, the Chevy Volt hybrid's range is 35 miles and is rated at 95 mpg-e (equivalent). When it was first released, the Chevy Volt was announced at 230 mpg. This isn't too far off from the projected VW Golf's 188 mpg. The Volt's gas-only mpg is 35 mpg so I'm guessing the Golf hybrid's gas-only mpg would probably be in the low 30s as well.

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