2016 VW Jetta Hybrid

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by metarzan17, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    I just bought one. Anyone else here have one?
  2. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    I don't like the front end but that colored mfd is interesting...get some photos up? Love the car though!

    Enjoying it?
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  3. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    Yeah, I admit, I don't know much about cars. I was motivated mainly by the fuel economy of the car. It is really fun to drive, although I am not nearly getting the MPGs as advertised. I am on my first 1,500 miles though right now.
  4. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    In terms of fuel consumption, when is the "breaking in" period supposed to be over with?
  5. cdrussell

    cdrussell Member

    I imagine that mpgs will go up after the the engine gets broken in, but I'm not really sure how many miles that takes. I bought my car in Jan 2014 and mileage started to go up in April and May but I attribute that to the warmer weather and learning how to drive the car more efficiently.
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  6. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    You know...I never had one of those "AH-HA!!!" moments with mpg and breaking in the engine. I wouldn't go above 75% for immediate throttle until after 10K. But after the oil is warmed up, after about 3K...slowly engaging the throttle up to 100% load and then letting up so that it can wind back down gently as you get back to speed limit. Otherwise, drive it normal
  7. whyknot1

    whyknot1 Member

    Since they are not selling well did you get a good deal on it vs the sticker price
  8. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    I got a decent deal ($4,500 below MSRP). But the problem is that there's very little inventory in the area (zero, last I checked in the bay area). So, they have quite a bit of leverage as well.
  9. Tom Smith

    Tom Smith New Member

    Congrats on the 2016 Jetta Hybrid. The Last Year for it as well. VW dropped the Jetta Hybrid from it's line up in 2017. As far as Gas Mileage goes it is way overrated. I bought mine used with 17k miles on it. Today I have
    almost 50k miles on it and it still gets the same gas mileage as it did when I first bought it. In the winter time you will get less mileage than the summer. Or should I say if you live in a colder climate you will get less mileage
    than in a warmer climate. The Batteries don't like the cold and are less efficient when the temperatures drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Here in Indy it gets below Zero in the winter so at that time I have gotten as low
    as 28 mpg. Other than that the average in the winter is about 35-37 mpg and in the summer between 38 and 42 mpg. 42 is the overall best I have ever gotten with this car and that would be on a perfect day doing only highway
    travel. Most of my trips are short trips within 20 miles of home. It's not a Prius which I have owned and it did get up to 55 mpg highway but it was the most boring car ever and I got rid of it after about one year. This car at
    least is fun to drive and it has a little pep to it even if it doesn't get the mileage as advertised. The only thing I hate about it is that it takes Premium gasoline which is about 60cents higher per gallone than regular but then again
    it's a Turbo so it's a minor trade off for the fun factor involved. ;-)
  10. RC_newowner

    RC_newowner New Member

    A year, later than the original post... just case anyone is doing a search. I guess I'm lucky that I haven't had any issues with the car. I'm on 57,000 and got it three years ago, used with 11,000 miles. My mileage goes from a low 40's when it's cold, to about 48-49 when it's warm. I can get to about 50 mpg if I'm really conservative and drive to maximize efficiency, which I did do when I got the car, but not so much anymore. I'm still on the original tires and they did pass inspection. Driving habits can drastically change the mpg. I'm one of the more conservative drivers and I think that is one reason I see better mileage. Car still drives and rides like a dream. I get it serviced every 10k, with VW's suggested service.
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