2nd gen 2016 Chevy Volt specs released

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    The 2016 Chevy Volt specs were released today and I'll admit, this is a very tempting car...I'd seriously consider it if I didn't live in an apartment half the year. You honestly need a house or access to a secure plug to use one.

    They tweaked all the dimensions and specs of the car vs. the 1st gen car. It's significantly lighter ( 250 lbs lighter, so I guesstimate 3800 lbs), slightly wider/longer and roomier (5 passengers instead of 4 passengers - the rear center tunnel is still there but you can now straddle it with your legs, lol...before it was a center console and armrest), slightly longer battery range (50 miles), slightly better battery (lighter, less cells, and more efficient).

    The Audi A3 etron (plug in hybrid) and Golf hybrid (plug in hybrid) are coming out very soon but they have radically different specs. For one, they only use medium sized battery packs good for around 15 miles or range, and weight will be about 3400 lbs, only a little lighter than the next heavier A3/Golf. German cars tend to be more understated and this design carries through to the specs of the car.
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