Aftermarket Pads and Rotors - 2013 Audi Q5

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    Hi All,

    I own a 2013 Audi Q5 Premium Plus 2.0L Quattro . In my Recent visit to Audi Dealership for a 35K service . ( I currently have 30K miles on Audi Q5 )

    I was advised that I should get my Front and Rear Break Pads and Rotors Changed . This is the current condition :- Front Brakes - 2mm and Rear Brakes - 4mm .

    I went to an independent Brake Shop and the mechanic advised me that same .

    I have narrowed on the following combinations for pads and rotors

    1.) Akebono Pads + Zimmerman Rotors

    2.) Akebono Pads + Brembo Rotors

    3.) Brembo Pads + Zimmerman Rotors

    4.) Brembo Pads + Brembo Rotors

    Concern :- One of the common thing that both dealer and the brake shop mentioned is that they have had complaints about aftermarket products squeaking a lot .

    I would really be helpful if someone can help with the pads and rotors combinations AND also the concern about aftermarket products squeaking as compared to OEM .

    Hope to hear .

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