Anyone looked at the Cadillac ELR?

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    I honestly think it's one of the best looking cars on the road. It's a great example of the Cadillac Art and Science design language. I just love the overall shape that doesn't have the jarring creaseuses the Chevy Volt drivetrain on a modified Volt chassis with a sport suspension and better interior. It's not just badge engineering as the suspension is completely different and the chassis is slightly different (longer wheelbase, different rear quarters in addition to reskin job).

    The problem is that the Volt is around $35,000 and after tax credits, competes with the Prius. The ELR is around $75,000 and is supposed to compete with the Tesla (not even close). Sales of even the Jetta hybrid were better and that's not saying a lot, lol... There's currently tons of incentives and discounts on the ELR to the point dealers are advertising them for $52-55,000 which means you may be able to do $50k. On top of that there's the $7,500 income tax credit (which also applies to the Volt).


    You may have also seen the hilarious commercial for it....unfortunately, I don't know how much it helped sales. It competed with the Tesla S for pricepoint and reviewers stated that although the ELR has a stronger powertrain than the Volt, it still did 0-60 in 8 seconds and didn't give the powerful luxury car feeling like the Tesla. Personally, I don't care because that's not the point of an economy car.

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