Audi A3 e-tron hybrid price in US after federal income tax credits?

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    I have a rough idea of how much the Audi A3 hybrid, the e-tron (not full electric (no gas engine) but electric drive with plugin hybrid), will cost in US dollars. In my post last year guessing about the Golf hybrid price, I guessed $40,000 but that was just based off the price of the Golf. Now that the A3 e-tron is priced in Europe I have a somewhat good idea what it'll cost in the USA.

    First, remember that European prices include VAT (their sales tax) which is quite high. I also have to convert from Euros to Dollars and then adjust the price down some more since cars just cost less in America because of the market and more limited option packages on the cars (You can option the cars higher in Europe).

    In the US, the A3 sedan starts at $30k with the 1.8 engine and front wheel drive. In Germany, a similar trim A3 costs 30k Euros which is about $42k dollars. VAT in Germany is 19% so let's call it $35k dollars before VAT. This means Audi adjusted their prices about 15% lower for the US market.

    The A3 hybrid starts at 44k Euros in Germany which makes it a roughly 12-13k Euro option in Germany vs. a somewhat comparably equipped 1.8 engined A3. This is $16.5k dollars! However, if you go to Audi's German site, you see that you're not just paying for the hybrid engine, the hybrid option also includes highline options like the highline navigation, LED headlights, and other goodies which soften the blow.

    Adjusting for VAT and 15% lower for the US and my guess for the hybrid option along with some goodies =$11.8k. Adding that to the $30k base price of the A3 = $41.8 for the A3 hybrid before sales tax which varies by state. Remember that sales tax is calculated on the purchase price and not the final price after income tax credit. This will be around $3-400 depending on where you live.

    After the federal income tax credit, see for the official battery rating and the fed. tax credit amount, this could bring the final price down to around $37,000.

    This isn't cheap compared to a stripper at $30,000 but if you add in HID headlights and navigation, the price is now $32,000. Not cheap but cheap if they load it up with highline options, it's comparable to a midline "premium plus" trim A3 1.8 which is $36,000 with navigation.

    A few states also have additional tax credits for electric vehicles and part EV. I don't live in one of them :(

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