Audi A5 e-tron hybrid specs

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    Audi announced plans to build an e-tron off their Audi A5 coupe. Since the basic engine and drivetrain are based off the Audi Q5 and A6 hybrids, it can go in this section for now.

    It will combine a 45 hp electric motor with their 2.0L turbocharged gasoline engine. However, unlike the Q5 which has the electric motor between a conventional transmission and engine, the A5 hybrid has no driveshaft to the rear wheels. Instead, the gas and hybrid motor powertrain drives the front wheels with an additional 81 hp electric motor powering the rear wheels. Could this represent Audi's evolution of hybrids?

    If so, it would also be a step towards greater fuel efficiency. Toyota's AWD hybrids are really rear electric assist instead of 4x4. This could be one reason why the Q5 has a conventional transmission - it's off road capable. Toyota's hybrids include a warning to not go off roading. The VW Touareg hybrid is the same way - it's got a great tow rating and all the off-road capability of its non-hybrid trim lines.

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