BMW crushes ActiveE electric test cars, who killed the electric car?

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    BMW did! However, it's not as bad as GM's destruction of perfectly good EV-1s. These were all BMW 1 series electric cars, the ActiveE, which were leased to around 700 lessors who were given pre-production test cars. From the beginning, these were destined for the junk heap.

    However, around 70 were saved and given to CA's car-sharing service, DriveNow. Too bad the other 630 couldn't have been sold - I'd gladly buy one at a discount at it's scrap price and they wouldn't even have to give me a warranty. Unfortunately, because these were pre-production test cars, there are strict laws governing sale to the public so that would never happen.

    I rode in a BMW i3 at the recent New York Auto show and the ActiveE were used to develop the i3's drivetrain. My review: good but still very expensive. The range extender option, a small gas generator, is something that I would definitely buy if I were to get one.

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