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    I purchased a like new certified used 2013 Touareg Hybrid with 19,000 miles on it on Dec 31st. On Jan 1st it started running like sh*t, shaking and no power. Had my 1 day old car towed into local dealer and now a month later I've had it for 3 days, none of which has run decently other than day 1. It's now at the dealership where i purchased it 125 miles away. Visit 3. Oh, none of the E drive components work at all. No power going or coming from the battery. No Emode, no sailing, etc. Missfiring on 3 and 4 cyl at times.
    Vorderman (local dealer) had it twice. Drained gas and refilled. Wanted to that again. Pretty much it diagnostically. 2 visits, 9 days or so. After the 2nd time I was told they know nothing about these hybrids, have never received training on servicing them and had in fact most had never seen one. They did find out it's already had plugs, wires, and coil/s replaced under warranty.
    Before 19,000 miles!!
    This ain't a new problem!
    2nd dealer Mike Reisor in Lafayette, IN has had it all week and told me today they "hope to figure it out next week". They did tell me that they have a tech that's been trained on them.
    I called VWoA and they told me "any VW dealer is an authorized hybrid servicer" - I said "yes, but mine has had it twice and telling me they have no clue". Answer "any VW dealer is an authorized hybrid servicer".
    Me: "but I just told you they told me they have no clue what to do with it, can you recommend a dealer that seems to know them?". Answer: "any VW dealer is an authorized hybrid servicer" other response apparently possible....
    There's next to 0 discussion of these cars, so barely any user knowledge base out here seemingly.
    Seems pretty hopeless at this point. Indiana Lemon Law says 4 attempts by factory authorized service centers and I can file to return the car for refund, which I intend to do after 1 more failed visit...
    I purchased this very expensive VW with much tripidation, having sold them in the late 80's and having owned several I know their reputation for electrical problems of late, but i needed a Fed 179 tax break (over 6,000lbs GVWR) and everything else is huge 3 row SUV's or trucks/vans, so one of the smaller choices.
    The Audi 3.0 is a great motor and should have enough base to be serviced without issue, but apparently the tie in of the E motor componentry can screw up the gas motor operation.
    When I called VW roadside assistance on Jan 1 the guy answering the phone knew about this issue. When I told it was a hybrid running bad he asked, " Shaking real bad and no power?" - exactly. How the heck did HE know about it when nobody else seems to??? He's the one taking the calls for towing from OWNERS.. that's how. Crud........ :(
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    Well it sounds like you won't own the car much longer.....the truth is that dealerships are independently owned and operated and VW isn't as organized as some other brands so I doubt they have this information.

    Also, the 3.0 is unique to the Touareg at the VW dealership, the Audi dealership is probably much more familiar with it. Too bad the Porsche Cayenne hybrid is probably the same way...

    Please post an update once this issue is resolved and I'm sure it will help someone else.
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    Thanks, it's sad that such a large manufacturer can make and sell a $60k vehicle that hasn't been fulled vetted.......................
    If nothing changes and I get out of it, I'll never buy another VW.

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