DSG Shudder Issue

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by Wagenloco, Oct 23, 2015.

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    Hey Guys

    Any of you guys have experienced a shuddering (shaking) when coming out of a stop in E-Mode? It's more noticeable in reverse that forward. I just left the car at the dealer because of this issue and the tech said that they have a bulletin about it, it's related to the DSG clutches and that the parts to fix them have to come from Germany. (They've seen this issue in multiple hybrids now). I have a loaner now and don't even know how long will it take to fix it. I drive a 2014 SEL with 30K miles, this is my first service issue with the car.
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  2. Wagenloco

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    I also have a 2014 SEL but only just passed 15,000 miles. I've had zero problems with the car so far, but I guess I have something to look forward to when I get to around 30,000. At least it's good that VW knows about it and has a fix for it.
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    The. DSG Clutch packs will be replaced, no ETA yet.
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    When I first purchased the car I ended up taking a long trip from VA to Missouri. At the end of the long drive I fell into some very bad stop and go traffic. It's the only time I've ever experienced the shuddering problem. I started looking up other instances of this transmission behaving that way and it seemed to be a big problem with owners who lived in congested cities in Asia.

    But if it rears it's head in those situations I don't see why it couldn't become more prominent as wear and tear accumulates.

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