End of Jetta Hybrid

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by cdrussell, Jun 23, 2016.

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    what will this do to the resale value of the car
  3. voltron

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    I saw this on autoblog too. VW issued a press release yesterday with the info "Jetta Hybrid no longer available"

    I have no clue what it'll do for resale but the concern is long term availability of repair parts. They didn't sell a lot of these cars, or hybrids in general.

    They currently sell the all-electric Golf and are going to sell the plug-in hybrid Golf. IMHO, the plug-in hybrid Golf will be the one to get since it has significant all-battery range, but it'll cost a lot more too.
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    I just love this car and my last payment is next month. Purchased 27 months ago with 11k and now it has 45k. Only one issue with the window and that was covered under warranty. Now getting 47-48mpg, with 41-43 during the winter (less if really cold out). I did get a few more mpg when I drove it to get the most mpg. Now I just drive it like a "regular" car.

    Very sad this is discontinued. I'll have to hang onto mine and enjoy its ride for as long as I can get it serviced. Who knows, perhaps VW will have trade in incentives for one of the Golfs. Not sure if I would go for that. This car is very expensive to maintain.
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    I'm get 43+ mpg with my 2013 SEL I bought new. And that's with the AC running all summer long. I really like the fact that when I punch it to pass someone on a two lane highway, the acceleration for a hybrid is outstanding. Not like a underpowered Prius! I was going to trade it in for an MKZ hybrid, but changed my mind. I'm holding on to it for the long run.
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    This car performs well except for milage. I used to average 43 mpg. This summer I am averaging about 39mpg. It is a fun car to drive and more of a performer than economy car. After all, it requires premium fuel per the manufacturer. It has good torque and will spin the tires on dry pavement on takeoff. I understand there is a designed torque limit to protect the transmission.
  7. I800C0LLECT

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    If I could find non ethanol fuel I'd like to track the mileage over a year to see the differences.
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    Check out this site to see if there are any gas stations near where you live that sell ethenol-free gas:


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