"Error: Hybrid system - Park vehicle!" warning message

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by metarzan17, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    I just got this message yesterday morning, when my car wouldn't start (2016 Jetta Hybrid). There is apparently an even more severe version of this warning, which is "Error: Hybrid system - Contact dealer now!" so I guess things could have been worse.

    Since the car wouldn't start, I had it towed to a shop. The shop's initial assessment was that the car was out of gas. I didn't think that was the case, as I feel like I would have noticed something like that. So, they are going to investigate further.

    Anyone ever get this warning message?
  2. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    I got that message. My vacuum pump had went bad. VW told my dealership there is a relationship between the hybrid system and booster pump. *Shrug*

    I have a feeling it effected the camshaft position sensor.

    Sorry to hear about the issue but thankfully it wasn't anything ridiculous!
  3. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    Actually, it's still in the shop. Still unclear why I received that message.

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