Gas prices hit low - would you still have bought your VW or Audi hybrid?

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  1. voltron

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    A few years ago, oil prices were over $100/barrel. Today they're half that and projected to fall further. Gasoline prices have dropped accordingly, with regular going below $2/gal in some areas. SUV sales are back up.

    On a side note, what happened to peak oil? The drop in prices and the previous rise in prices is largely due to the financial markets and Saudi Arabia increasing production to push foreign competitors out of the market. (They can produce oil much cheaper than the US).

    Would you reconsider your hybrid purchase, whether it be the VW Jetta, Audi A6, or VW Touareg? How much money have you saved vs. spent extra for the hybrid trim? What does this mean for the future of the hybrid and EV market?
  2. cdrussell

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    As gas prices go down I think that the trend is for people to pay less attention to the gas mileage of any car they are interested in purchasing and that will probably hurt hybrid sales. But I certainly didn't buy my Jetta hybrid to save money because if you do the math you are not going to save money in the long run unless you put a lot of miles on your car. Of course it doesn't make financial sense to buy a BMW over a Honda Accord, but there are many other valid reasons to do so. I bought the Jetta for what I consider cool technology, and yes for the gas mileage if it means that I'm sending one less dollar over to the Middle East.
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    While the Saudis are trying to push others out of the oil market, I wonder if they are also consciously trying to hurt the hybrid/electric car markets at the same time. I think we are just starting to see some viable offerings with the Golf plug-in hybrid, the e-Golf, and even the improved Chevy Volt which probably all took 3-4 years to develop. I just hope that the car companies don't abandon their research and development into alternative fueled cars just because the demand for SUVs is on the increase.

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