How much is the VW Golf hybrid income tax tax credit?

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    Some more early specs on the upcoming VW Golf hybrid have been released and I figured out how much the federal income tax credit will be. The base amount is $2500 plus a bonus $417 for each kwH over 5, with a maximum of $5000 bonus. The credit cannot be carried over and it's a credit, not a deduction. This means that the total tax due will be reduced, not the calculated income.

    The VW Golf hybrid's battery spec is 8.8 kwH so it's $2500 plus $1251 or $1668 depending on the final production model and whether they count partial kwH or not. The total income tax credit will therefore be about $3751 or $4168. For comparison, a Nissan Leaf has a 24 kwH battery and the Chevy Volt has 16.5 kwH. Both get the full $7500 income tax credit (I don't know how the Volt gets the full credit since the calculation results in the credit being a few dollars short).

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