How to maximize cold weather range in VW e-Golf and Audi e-tron A3

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    It's well known that the range of electric vehicles is shorter in cold a weather but it looks like you can maximize the range. This is because cabin heating drains the battery which is already weaker due to cold ambient temperatures.

    Fleetcarma collected data from 11 Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs, cars that can run 100% off the battery. In freezing temperatures, a Nissan Leaf driver was able to get over 100 miles and a Chevy Volt driver was able to get 38 miles, figures that are more than their warm weather estimated ranges. These were the maximum found - the average range was 64 miles for the Volt and 26 miles for the Volt.

    Some suggestions for maximizing range - plug in the cars and use their pre-heat function to warm up the cabins before leaving. This is huge because heating air uses a lot of electricity. It's also nice because you enter a warm car. Park the car in a garage - although this is not an option for many people, it keeps the car warmer than if it were parked outside. Who knows, maybe the max numbers were achieved in cars that were parked in heated garage? It's also possible the maximum numbers were achieved under optimum driving conditions as well.

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