Major breakthrough in solid state batteries, increases charge time and capacity

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    Oddly enough, one of the guys who worked on this was also a co-inventor of the original lithium ion battery, and he name is Dr. John Goodenough....l guess it wasn't good enough, har har!

    Long story short, one drawback of lithium ion batteries is that they can't be charged quickly, or else they overheat and can become damaged. The cases of hoverboards being banned from many places is one example of cheap batteries failing and causing fires and explosions! The new solid state "glass" batteries use solid glass electrolytes instead of liquid electrolytes like Li-ion, and lets them hold 3x the charge, charge many multiples faster, and work at lower temperatures.

    Because it uses cheap Na instead of Li, it's also much more environmentally friendly, without needing heavy metal to be mined in China, where environmental regulations may not be as strict or enforced.

    While there are still many engineering challenges to overcome, a 3x improvement in batteries is a major breakthrough vs. the few percent that they're trying to squeeze out of li-ion. Don't expect to see these for a while, but they're targeting applications where energy density and charge time are important, like cell phones and cars.

    You can read more about the glass battery here: and on wikipedia:

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