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  1. DakotaHoosier

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    FYI, fuelly tells me my average over 75 fills / ~36,000 miles is 42.8mpg. My best month is 47.4 and my worst month was last month 38.4. The car's at the dealer getting its mechatronics replaced (that doesn't sound like a real thing, does it...) so I've been driving for the last few months with only light electric assist. Instead of the electric motor taking me up to '2' on the 'tach' it kicks to gas at 0.5 or so... Even still I've been getting just under 40. I drive pretty fast and use my seat warmers and AC (I've seen no discernible impact from either on mileage). Fuel formulations for winter vs. summer make a much bigger impact on my mileage. I have a pretty ideal commute to work -- 22 miles of highway at 55-65mph and interstate at 70 mph. Some stop-and go but not much.
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    Are your mpg numbers from the infotronics screen (don't know the proper name for it) or real world (the old-fashioned way where you manually divide miles driven by gallons burned)? My screen generally shows about 42 mpg but my real world calculations generally show about 37 mpg, 5 mpg lower. Yet another source of disappointment.
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    Results are from my Fuelly tracker (actual gallons and miles). Pulling into work I've gotten infotronics averages above 50 but that's never happened in an actual fill up. I blame how my wife drives. :) Actuals are maybe 3-4 mpg lower. I drive differently now that I see an MPG in front of me -- long gradual charging sessions as I approach the stoplight at the end of an offramp or slowing before a stoplight. I'm light on acceleration and use the Eco button when I'm in stop-and-go traffic.

    My first hybrid was a 2003 Honda Civic, so I'm on cloud nine. I get about 43 instead of 46mpg, but I have 180 horsepower and a sunroof instead of a slug... :)
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    I have a 2014 and have kept track from 2/27/2014 to now and have averaged 44.6 mpg (USA) over 21,527 miles. Overall. I have driven for economy and often used back roads, rather than the highway. I bought my car new, but it had already had the oil changed to mineral fluid. I am sure that I do not get 46.1 mpg at 70 mph. Speaking only for myself, I am satisfied with the gas mileage of my Jetta Hybrid. and don't feel I am entitled to compensation.
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    Yeah...I've calculated the savings and there isn't much to be had for a few mpg's more.

    Very happy with the vehicle except for the mineral oil vs synthetic in the dsg.
  6. Bossless

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    Yeah, at $400/change every 40K miles that is more of an economic hit than the lower gas milage.

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