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  1. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    Has anyone noticed that the address database on the Navigation is pretty incomplete? There are a lot of addresses that just don't show up. And so I am having to resort to map apps on my mobile device instead.
  2. prklouda

    prklouda New Member

    As much as I tried to like the Nav System, I finally gave up and have been using my mobile phone Nav for two years now. There are far too many shortcomings in the built in Nav. What you found is only the beginning.
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  3. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    Yikes. Does using your mobile phone navigation drain your data?
  4. prklouda

    prklouda New Member

    I have 30gb a month w/rollover on AT&T so I never worry
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  5. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    I've been contemplating replacing the head unit with a Windows tablet. I feel the same way about the nav. But I also wish it had HD radio.

    But the Bluetooth streaming does very well. I'll most likely not touch it unless I get very bored.
  6. prklouda

    prklouda New Member

    Hmm, your idea to replace the head unit with a windows tablet is intriguing. Are the instructions anywhere that show how to do that? I have a Surface Pro 1 I'm not using anymore since I upgraded to a SirfacevPro 3. I'd be game to put that in!!!
  7. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    If you have an aftermarket system already it's pretty simple. If's a little involved.

    You'll need an amplifier for speakers. You'll need to provide turn on power to the tablet. Then provide speaker out from the tablet to amp or just use Bluetooth with the amp instead of running extra wires.

    It's pretty easy. The hardest part will be to fab the console piece. There's sites that have docks you just have to blend into the console.

    What's nice about Windows tablets is that you can add sound cards or other devices through USB. I haven't looked, but I would add in an fm tuner and hd tuner
  8. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    Here's a place to get people started. It's easier to fab their pieces in than make your own stand for an iPad or Nexus.


    There's this one from China that's plug and play I believe...

  9. pitterchi

    pitterchi New Member

    Personally I don't use the in dash Nav at all. Waze all the way. Get a mount for your phone and you have the best and always updated gps.
  10. RC_newowner

    RC_newowner New Member

    The in dash navigation is bad. I have a Garmon and purchased for my previous car and liked, but then moved over to Waze app, like pitterchi, above.

    For those who aren't familiar, it uses the users on the road for speed, traffic, notifications, so it is a very live system. And, very accurate. All you need to do it turn it on when you're driving. And, if you're really nice (like I am), you'll send out notifications when you see car stopped, hazard on the road, accident, traffic. The drivers behind you get announcement (if they choose) when coming upon the issue. The routes are good, and it will reroute you automatically around traffic. It's free at the app store.
  11. prklouda

    prklouda New Member

    Unfortunately, the Nav system is really bad. I just use google maps on my iPhone. But honestly, I can't think of any other aspect of my Jetta that isn't outstanding!

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