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Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by jrpenberthy, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. jrpenberthy

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    I recently got a Jetta Hybrid and noticed that VW says the car requires premium gas (to prevent knocking and eventual valve damage). I have a friend with a late model 5 series BMW which also requires premium and he has used regular gas exclusively and has experienced no knocking or other negative ramifications for the 100,000+ miles he's owned it. Not wanting to spend more than I have to on gas, I've read up on the ramifications of using regular instead of premium and they almost invariably say that with today's computerized fuel systems, requiring premium gas is a thing of the past. Tom & Ray--The Car Guys--agree: . As an experiment I used regular in my last fill-up and noticed no changes whatsoever. Has anyone else out there tried this? What, if anything, have you noticed (other than a fatter wallet)?
  2. I800C0LLECT

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    If there is indication of knocking then the ECU will relax the timing and make any other adjustments associated with that. So you might lose a little top end but that's probably all. I don't see any issue with using whatever grade pleases you
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    I agree. I always put in the recommended premium gas in my hybrid when I had one. The engine is tuned for premium for best performance. You can run some tanks on regular versus premium and see if there is any significant difference in mpgs.
  4. Tom Smith

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    If you run regular in a car that "Recommends" Premium you will eventually get less gas mileage and a drop in overall performance. Most of the time it isn't worth saving the extra few cents or a couple of bucks during fill up.
    The loss in gas mileage and performance isn't worth it. However, if you run Regular in a car that "Requires" Premium than you are playing with fire. Yes, the ECU knock sensors will retard your timing when they sense any kind
    of knock. But what if they fail? Engine knock/pre-ignition/Detonation is a killer of engines. Not only that but Regular gas could also prematurely cause the Direct Injection system get more carbon deposit and foul spark plugs
    and injectors prematurely. Also if you should have engine damage and you put in a warranty claim and they show that you ran Regular gas in an engine that "Requires" Premium they may refuse your claim and void your warranty.
    The few bucks you save in the beginning could cost you a lot more in the long run. I agree that it is a waste for people to run Premium in a car that only needs regular but I always put in Premium in a car that requires it.

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