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  1. What kind of average miles per gallon are Jetta Hybrid owners seeing?
  2. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    My 1st tank was 36.8 and I have a little over 500 miles on the car
  3. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    2nd Tank was 35 MPG......:( so I guess VW has over estimated also......However the car only has 891 miles so the Jusy will still be out!!
  4. voltron

    voltron Administrator and Defender of the Universe Staff Member

    It's still not even broken in but it sounds like hybrids are just rated higher. 48 mpg highway and 42 city, I think you should see 40 once it's broken in.
  5. jdperformance

    jdperformance New Member

    Mine is about the same.
  6. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    I really like the car it is really fun to drive!
  7. keithz

    keithz New Member

    I think break in makes a huge difference.

    First tank (from the dealer). I got less than 500 km on it.

    Now on my second tank. I've done 300 km and I still have nearly 2/3rds of the tank left.

    As per trip computer. With 830km on the car, I'm getting 7.5L/100km (or 31mpg). But my mileage is steadily improving. This morning I got 6.3L/100km (38 mpg). Over the weekend, I drove a round-trip to a place about 60 km away. Got 5.8L/100km or about 40 mpg.

    So I think it's just too early to assess our cars. Not broken in yet. And it's still quite wintry in most parts. Come this summer, we'll have much better data.
  8. n5tw

    n5tw New Member

    Our average was about 38 MPG over the first 600 miles. Not terrible but we had a firmware update a couple of weeks ago that I think has improved things slightly... What prompted taking the car back in was a stall with a ECM indication... They found a problem code P0087 with their diagnostics and VW recommended the updates. Specifically they did the following:

    24702599 ECM update
    93012599 Software update Electronic Drive

    Out Jetta Hybrid was the first to arrive in our area so your firmware maybe later...

    This is not a scientific observation with careful before and after measurements but I believe the car is now even more responsive and it seems to be more aggressive about using the electric drive. (I'd love to learn more about the specifics of this update - my dealer did not have any more information than VW recommended it for that error code...) Anyway - I believe out mileage with this update will improve.

    I did a 90 mile drive today that included a mix of highway and city driving and averaged 43.7 MPG and this is a little better than I have had on some other recent trips with 41-42 MPG. I am also learning some tricks to improve mileage. Using even slightly more electric drive really pushes the numbers up and you can do that by learning from the drive engine mode screen. Had it over 45 MPG before doing some city stuff that whacked it back...
  9. keithz

    keithz New Member


    Interesting about the stall. I had one at a light two days ago. Then got check engine light. But that went away yesterday. So I don't know whether to take it in or not.

    So far, lifetime average of the car with 1400km on it is 7.1L/100km or 33mpg. And that is still improving. Most days when I commute I am getting about 6.5L/100km or 35mpg. Longer drives, (over my 30km commute), I do much better (usually at 5.8L/100km or 40mpg). I usually find that I need a 50km run in mostly highway without substantial traffic to get good mileage.
  10. n5tw

    n5tw New Member

    definitely take it in, Keith. The manual calls for that and I would take them at their word. Let us know whether they do an update and if it is the same one! And if they do an update, I'd be very interested in your impressions... The Hybrid Jetta is a cool vehicle and I think it is getting better...

  11. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    My 3rd tank was 37.7 so it is getting better the car is very sweet
  12. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    Just filled again today 35.8 the mileage pretty much is no where near advertised not very happy right now.......
  13. n5tw

    n5tw New Member

    It was in the 80s (F) today here and got the best mileage yet on a consistent course I've been trying so maybe the warmer temps are indeed helping. I teach a class that is 15 miles away with a 2.5 hour lag before returning via the same route. Some minor terrain ups and down and the destination is approximately 500 feet lower than my home. Mostly highway with 6 stops each way. Mileage today was 46.5 MPG. Better than my more typical low 40s. Strategy: Normal starts - not stomping it but it gets well into the white zone for startups. Use cruise control on highway sections which are 65 MPH and 70 MPH. Car does a good job of using electric some during downhill portions. I try to look well ahead and coast to lights. Also usually find some opportunities to get some brief battery running in responding to traffic along with way.

    My wife more typically gets around 38 MPG although I hope that gets better as she learns the car and with it being warmer. Some of her trips are shorter so warm up is a bigger deal. She is more likely to run right up to a stop and need more braking...

    Likely my mileage will take a hit when the AC gets used. I'm a 7th generation Texan bred for heat but there are limits!

  14. jdperformance

    jdperformance New Member

    My last tank full was 32.8 mpg :( and thats with 1/2 of the mileage on the highway. I'm not happay about that, I don't drive like an angel but I surely don't beat the heck out of it.
  15. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    Another fill yesterday.....35.8......still not going up little over 2000 miles
  16. Pelican18TQA4

    Pelican18TQA4 New Member

    About 700 miles on the odometer since picking up the car last week. First tank ended up with just shy of 44 MPG (hand-calculated) for the average. This tank is looking to be closer to 41 MPG overall. It's been cooler in the morning when leaving for work, so the engine has been running more to warm the cabin up, so I'm guessing that's what is affecting the fuel economy. Overall, all I want is to achieve the average I used to get in my TDIs, which was 34 and 37. Turns out, I'm beating that so I'm a happy camper!
  17. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    Made a trip to VA Beach and Back from DC!! Finaly broke the 40 MPG Barrier!! Overall tank was 41.9!! trip Mileage was 47.5 going down, NICE! Coming back a little faster was about 42.00 MPG This is a great highway car!!
  18. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    just filled up 42.7!! getting there like this car!!
  19. Foxtrot91

    Foxtrot91 New Member

    I don't know what to tell you guys/gals, but on my "bad days," I am getting 42 MPG and my average is 45 MPG. On a "good day" I can get about 50+ MPG. However, I barely ever go on the interstate for my daily driving. When I did take it on a road trip, I was getting 49 MPG with cruise control on and doing the speed limit...
  20. tomo366

    tomo366 Member

    I am not a hyper fact I hate that anyone would do that it is unsafe.....I drive 10 over or with the flow of traffic.....

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