Real world range of the Audi A3 and VW Golf hybrid?

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    The specs on the Audi A3 etron/VW Golf hybrid have been released and they state a 8.8 kWh battery on a 3,470 (1,574 kg) car with up to 31 mile (50 kilometer) range.

    However, this is with Euro ratings. If you compare the Chevy Volt's Euro rating (50 miles) to it's US rating (38 miles), this is 24% less! This means the golf hybrid/A3 e-tron could be down to 23 miles US rating.

    The Volt has a 16 kWh battery on a 3,780 lb car with 34 mile range so this number seems accurate. If VW got about the same real world range with roughly half the battery and 10% less weight to move around, that would have been a real leap.

    Early press reviews of the Golf hybrid are stating 30 miles range but I don't think they've done their homework- they're just repeating VW's release without questioning the numbers or converting the Euro standards to US standards.

    One last point - the A3 etron and Golf hybrid have exactly 50 kilometer Euro rating. Why not 49 kilometers? The 50km rating is the magic number to avoid London congestion charges and many other major European cities. This is an extra 10 pound toll (about $16.70 at current rates) for entering especially traffic prone areas M-F.
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