running out of gas?

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  1. metarzan17

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    Is it possible to run out of gas?

    Let me tell you the scenario.

    I park my car in the garage of my residence (2016 Jetta Hybrid). There is about 1/3 tank left. I go to the car the next morning, and the car won't start. Is it possible there is no gas?

    Since the hybrid is so quiet, is it possible to have forgotten to shut off the car, and then leave (with the key)...and then the car would run all night? Or would it automatically shut off because the car is so far away from the key?
  2. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    I've chatted with VW, and they have indicated to me that the car would run all night, and would not automatically shut off.
  3. I800C0LLECT

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    When parked it is designed to start the gasoline motor to makes sure the driver is aware he left it running.

    The motor is very quiet though and hard to notice when warmed up. If cold, it has a distinct clatter.

    Edit... Nice car btw
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