Thinking about buying the VW all electric e-Golf

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    My driving style has changed and I no longer drive my VW Jetta TDI as much. I usually put around 10,000 miles/year on it, either all around town and regular long trips. Now I mostly drive it around town with only a few occasional longer trips.

    I test drove the Chevy Volt and loved the fact that it was on battery most of the time - this meant no gas use at all except when I exceeded the 35 miles of battery range. The new all electric e-Golf will be a similar setup, only using the battery until you run out of battery range (it never fully drains or recharges the battery to preserve battery lifespan). I'd consider a used Chevy Volt but they're holding their resale pretty well and I don't like the idea that the previous owner keeps the huge tax credits - this hasn't pressed down resale right now. I have no idea how the e-Golf will handle but I'm sure it'll be significantly heavier than the regular Golf which will hurt it as well.

    The big factor will be price - how much will it cost after tax credits, if the tax credits are still available? An average Golf TDI costs around $26-27,000 new which is expensive compared to cars in its class (although I believe it's at the top of the class), and all the battery and motor equipment plus a generator motor could make its price well over $40,000.

    What is the maximum price point you'd spend for a Golf version of the Chevy Volt?

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