Thinking of buying a used Jetta Hybrid, good or bad idea?

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by Calle14, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Calle14

    Calle14 New Member

    I'm looking in buying a hybrid one reason gas mileage, second reason, the ability to use the hov and express lanes here in South Florida. I currently own a Prius that I purchased used and I'm ready for an upgrade. I'm kind of tired of the Prius and I've been looking at the Lexus Ct 200h and the Lexus ES 300h.
    I've always liked the Golf and Jetta and now I'm looking into the Jetta Hybrid.
    It seems that people that have purchased this vehicle are VW fans that wanted some gas savings, I'm guessing because you hardly see them in the road.
    A couple of questions.

    Do VW give a 100000 mile warranty on the Hybrid battery?
    How's reliability been so far with these cars?
    Can this car possibly go 150000 miles with basic preventive maintenance?
    Any input will be appreciated.
  2. voltron

    voltron Administrator and Defender of the Universe Staff Member

    Personally, I'd go with the Jetta over the Lexus because I simply hate Lexus styling.

    Some people have commented on the transmission fluid changes.

    Everyone here seems pretty happy and looking on ebay the price is right.
  3. Calle14

    Calle14 New Member

    How about the hybrid battery? Does it have any warranty?
  4. cdrussell

    cdrussell Member

    The entire hybrid system which includes the battery is warranted for 8 years or 100,000 miles whichever comes first.

    My wife drives a Prius so I can provide a knowledgeable comparison between the two. The Prius is a decent car and you can't beat the mileage you get. The hatchback feature is also good for hauling stuff around. But the Jetta has more power and better handling and is overall more fun to drive. The 7 speed DSG transmission in the Jetta is much better than the CVT in the Prius. Because of the battery, the trunk space in the Jetta is limited (the Prius doesn't have the "battery bump" like the Jetta does).

    I like the fact that every other car on the road is not a Jetta Hybrid. As you probably know, if you take a 10 mile drive, you are almost guaranteed to see at least 20 other Prius's. VW's aren't for everyone but the Jetta Hybrid is really built for the masses even though VW doesn't advertise it enough. A stock Jetta Hybrid is fun to drive, but it could really use a suspension upgrade IMO.
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  5. I800C0LLECT

    I800C0LLECT Member

    Adding in the extra weight of my audio build has gotten rid of the excess slack in the suspension and tightened it up a lot. Overall, I want to purchase a unibrace UB and see if that helps. I may purchase aftermarket suspension at some point too.

    In the end...I'm really glad it's my DD. The loss of trunk space isn't a big deal since I don't normally haul too much. It also keeps everything next to the opening so I'm not reaching too far back.

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