Volkswagen e-Golf electric car on the assembly line video

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    I went to Wolfsburg last year to visit the VW headquarters but unfortunately, didn't get to see the plant. They did have a few e-Golf and Golf hybrid prototypes sitting out front. Here's a nice video showing the inside of the plant, specifically production of the Golf full electric vehicle, the e-Golf. You can see the huge electric cables that connect to the driveline, lowering of the subframe, and marriage of the chassis to the driveline. There's also a separate step where they raise the battery pack into the chassis and secure it.

    Please note that although the video and the Autoblog post about the video which said e-Golf, it CLEARLY shows an internal combustion engine in multiple shots. The e-Golf is the all electric VW Golf with no gas engine. The Golf hybrid is the one that has a gas engine. The engine is clearly a TDI engine which means the video shows both the e-golf and TDI on the assembly line. How do I know it's a TDI engine? The location of the high pressure fuel pump and the diesel particulate filter and turbo. I guess Autoblog didn't watch the video or they don't have a clue what they're seeing...

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