VW commiting $10 to electric recharging infrastructure

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    Here's the press release mentioned in the blog post here: http://www.evwaudi.com/blog/2015/02...tric-recharging-infrastructure-scam-language/

    What do you think - does it sound like lobby dollars?

    Jörg Sommer, vice president, product marketing and strategy, Volkswagen of America, today presented Volkswagen’s holistic approach to e-mobility surrounding the launch of the zero-tailpipe emissions 2015 e-Golf, including a $10 million commitment to support electric vehicle infrastructure by 2016. During a presentation delivered at the 2015 Electric Drive Congress in Washington D.C., Sommer stated that Volkswagen believes continued legislative support is needed to reach the next level of electric vehicle adoption.

    “Automakers have effectively delivered electric vehicles that can satisfy the needs of most American drivers,” said Sommer. “In addition to the investment we and other companies and industries are making, we would like to see Federal financing support for establishing fast charging networks in urban areas and interstate corridors. We’d like to see more state and federal organizations commit to cleaner fleets by purchasing EVs and PHEVs. This should be a U.S. Government priority, and federal purchasing guidelines should reflect that by giving fleet purchasers the flexibility they need,” Sommer said. “We need further congressional support with the mid-term review of the EPA’s greenhouse gas regulation to extend the multiplier credits for plug-in vehicles beyond MY21”.
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    Good catch, thank you! I wish they had mentioned that in the press release. The wording was ambiguous and I was trying to read into it because they mentioned "mid-term review" and "legislative support".

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