VW Golf hybrid blue-e-motion estimated starting price: $40,000

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    The VW Golf hybrid will come out soon and while details and pricing isn't yet announcned, I have a pretty good guess what kind of dough it'll cost. $40-$45,000. How did I arrive at this number?

    Long story short, the Golf hybrid is similar to only two other cars: The Chevy Volt and BMW i3. The Volt and i3 are both priced in the low 40s. Is this how much these cars actually cost to make? I have no idea but the fact is, I don't think the market can bear much more than $45,000 plus federal income tax credits of around $7,500. This brings the car's average sales price after dealer discount and "hot car" cool down period to the low 30s which is perfectly reasonable.

    The BMW i3 will be the first mass market car with carbon fiber reinforced plastic and comes with an option of all EV or EV + 2 cylinder gas generator for an additional $4,000. Range will be around 100 miles with an additional 80 miles with the gas generator, probably at reduced power. The Chevy Volt's range is around 35 miles with an additional 280 miles gas range at full power. The VW Golf hybrid will come with about 30 miles electric only range with a 1.4L TSI gas engine generator with full power.

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