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    The upcoming Golf hybrid/Audi e-tron (same drivetrain) sounds like it'll be a good car but what if there was an even better version? Who cares, the Golf GTE may be greenlit! This will be Golf hybrid with a GTI suspension and interior/trim.

    Power will probably be unchanged at 148hp 1.4 TSI engine with 107 hp electric motor. Combined power would be 200hp resulting in a 7.8 0-60 seconds. This is fast enough to have fun but the real fun would be from the additional handling prowess from the suspension.

    Unfortunately, it looks like it will never come to North America. What about making your own GTE? Way too difficult - I doubt the GTI brakes are needed because of the motor regen capability. The body kit and trim could be swapped but the only economical way would be to take it off a wrecked car. The suspension struts and springs and probably the roll bar (the best part of the package) would be the most difficult part to retrofit because they are specific to the GTE weight distribution. The only way to source these would be from a European dealer.

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