VW Touareg hybrid to come to Canada with VW Jetta hybrid

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    So far, the VW Touareg hybrid has only been a USA and Europe car. Almost all US cars have also been sold in Canada since the regulations are so similar. However, just because they are similar doesn't mean they are interchangeable. For example when VW discontinued the mk4 Jetta and Golf in the US, they were given a minor facelift and were sold in Canada as the City Golf and City Jetta alongside the mk5 Jetta and Golf. When I went to Canada I saw some and though WTF is that? VW Canada and VW USA are different companies with different product offerings.

    Anyways, the VW Touareg hybrid hasn't been sold in Canada because VW Canada said they wouldn't be able to justify the low sales volume and were waiting for the 2013 VW Jetta hybrid before selling the Touareg hybrid. The VW Jetta hybrid goes on sale later this year and has already been making the rounds at auto shows. Hopefully, the VW Touareg hybrid will also go on sale in Canada for 2013. The only thing holding it back so far is good sales of the VW Touareg TDI.

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