Wheels that accommodate a 205/50/17 LRR tire?

Discussion in 'VW Jetta hybrid forum' started by metarzan17, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. metarzan17

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    I have the 4-17" Buenos Aires OEM wheels. But I don't really like the way they look. But I am having a hard time finding VW wheels that fit a 205/50/17 LRR tire.

    None of the VW wheels here seem to fit a 205/50/17 LRR tire:

    Anyone know where else to look (apart from non-VW vendors)?
  2. cdrussell

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    I don't really like the way those wheels look either. Go on line to either tire rack, tire warehouse, or discount tire direct and enter your vehicle info and it will show you what wheels are available that will fit with your OEM tires. Your wheels should be 17 x 7J with a 45mm offset.
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  3. cdrussell

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    Sorry missed the part that you were looking for VW wheels. I'd go to a VW dealer and they usually have other wheels available that are the same size as your current wheels, but they are usually expensive. Also check the classifieds on VWVortex.com and someone may have some secondhand wheels in the size you need.
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  4. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    No worries, I appreciate the comprehensive answer. I might have to resort to non-VW wheels, by the looks of it anyway. Thanks!
  5. voltron

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    Don't forget craigslist for local take-off OEM wheels. Most 17" are around 225 and most 16" are roughly 205. 205 can be stretched a little bit finding something in 17" that is narrow is a little harder in general.

    When you look at tire rack's specs, they list the wheel widths that will fit that tire but be warned: if it says something like it'll fit a 6-8.5" wheel and your wheel is 8.5", it'll be pretty stretched. If your wheel is 6", it'll be pretty pinched. It's best to stay 1/2" away from the limits but 1" away should be good. When the tire is stretched the ride can be a tiny bit stiffer and response will go up, when the tire is pinched the ride can be a tiny bit softer and response will go down. Or you may not notice any difference!
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  6. metarzan17

    metarzan17 New Member

    Thanks for all the information - very useful.

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