Which way is positive and which way is the negative terminal on the battery logo?

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    When I created the logo for the website, I wanted something that was short so it could fit into the top space and something that represented the site well.

    The end result combined EV on the left for electric vehicle, VW was split between EV and VW, and Audi on the right. I also made the E a separate color to make the split more obvious. The copper color was inspired by a name brand battery, and the green is to signify green cars.

    However, which way on the battery is positive and which end is negative? The left side is positive because it has the little bump and also has the symbol for positive to its left. The right side has the symbol for negative terminal to its right.

    The way to tell the difference between positive and negative terminal on an electrical circuit diagram is the long and short lines. Positive has a longer line because it has higher electric potential and current will flow from the greater electric potential to the terminal with lower electric potential, represented by the shorter line.

    An earth ground is represented on a circuit diagram by a downward series of parallel lines, with the longer end on the top and the shorter lines at the bottom. The overall shape is like a triangle. Typing this tidbit just inspired me to add these to the bottom of the forum soon as a little easter egg design for those in the know!

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